Medical grade face masks, Reusable Face Masks, Full face visor, PVC shoe covers, Vinyl gloves and Mob Hats. Healgen rapid anti-gun test kit and Panodyne rapid anti-gun test kit.
Salvs PPE and Sanitiser

Surface Spray

Antiviral Surface Disinfectant. 70% Alcohol, no dilution necessary. Rapid acting, quick drying. Leave on/wipe off formula.
Salvs Surface Disinfectant


80% Alcohol, Kills 99.9% Bacteria and viruses, Quick drying formula - Dries without residue, Distilled and bottled in Scotland - Made in the UK
Salvs Hand Sanitiser Gel

Sanitiser Dispensers

Touchless and Pump Sanitiser Dispenser, 1000ml Capacity. Wall Mounted - includes Adhesive Pad, Fixing Screws, Wall Plugs, Key and Instructions.
Salvs Sanitiser Dispenser
Salvs PPE and Sanitiser


Our range is tailored to all industries including Healthcare, Hospitality, Leisure and Retail. Each product has been rigorously tested to the appropriate BS EN Standards.

BS accredited: EN1276, EN1500, EN1650, EN13624, EN13727, EN14476