80% Alcohol
WHO approved

PPE Range

EN Accreditation



PPE and Sanitiser

PPE and sanitiser has been an essential tool in the fight against COVID-19. However, as demand has often outstripped supply, there have been shortages and inflated prices.

Working alongside healthcare professionals, the Salvs Sanitisation and PPE range has been carefully selected to help protect you, your employees and your customers. Delivered at an affordable price.

Our range is tailored to all industries including Healthcare, Hospitality, Leisure and Retail. Each product has been rigorously tested to the appropriate BS EN Standards.

BS accredited: EN1276, EN1500, EN1650, EN13624, EN13727, EN14476

Salvs PPE and Sanitiser

80% Alcohol
WHO approved

Full PPE Range

Kills 99.9% Bacteria

Quick Drying

Made in GB

80% alcohol and deadly to 99.9% of bacteria
Sanitiser available as a solution or surface spray, with a full range of personal protective equipment
BS accredited: EN1276, EN1500, EN1650, EN13624, EN13727, EN14476 and WHO-approved formula.
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